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To listen to Mojaui is akin to lunar study. A careful, lingering look at something we know so well, so intimately – but always from a distance. A hovering body that thrives in the shadows and lives when most eyes are closed; purposeful in its seclusion. The moon reminds us that in order to feel a sense of expanse there is a need for uncertainty; an unease in not knowing. That omnipresent dark side of a bright moon.

Moonlight gives that odd, dull comfort of living with a solitary pain – a personal isolation. It strips all things away until you’re left only with yourself and your thoughts. There’s a loneliness in that process, but it results in a discovery of truth. Chances are that truth is universal and you find that, somehow, reckoning with your solitary pain has created a communal bond. After all, the moon that lights a lonesome path is the same moon that regulates the waves that crash upon every shore; helping even the earth to exhale.

Mojaui is a reflection of that lunar light. A way for bandmates and damn near brothers Kayhan Golkar and Antrom Kury to encounter their unknowns, reckon with their solitary pains and share their intimate explorations packaged in sound. This record, Lunar Bloom, is a reminder that things may break, but they are not always broken and some flowers bloom in the dark.

Mojaui is the next creative chapter for Kayhan Golkar & Antrom Kury following their previous tropical psych rock band Eyes on the Shore. 

After finishing a final tour, writing immediately started in Fall of 2017 at Mojaui Studios in San Francisco. Having spent the better part of a decade writing songs in a room as a rock band, the pair wanted to explore a completely different approach, with new sonic textures. Everything was written on synthesizers and a laptop. 

This new approach led to a large body of songs, ideas and movements which they took up to a cabin in the Pacific Northwest. In 2018 they returned to California with a new concept and vision that became Mojaui - a name that joins two contrasting places that have inspired their writing: the Mojave Desert and the island of Kauai. 

The debut album “Lunar Bloom” is coming soon. 


Mojaui Recordings  [studio and record label] 

Mojaui operates out of a private studio in San Francisco. The band is self published through their own label Mojaui Recordings. 


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